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Ready to challenge your friends at Gravity's Football Field ?

Build your team now, shoot the ball towards the goal and enjoy the game with your friends and family

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- 30 SAR per ticket for 15 Minutes

Enjoy our indoor safe field, suitable for all ages !



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Safety Rules & Regulations

- Age group starting 4 years to 12 years old.

- Maximum number in the field is 10 players.

- Must be wearing Gravity safety socks.

- Not allowed to play wearing Thoub or clothes other than sports clothes.

- Jewelry and belongings to be taken off for easy movement.

- Every 20 minutes a new 15-minute session begins.

- At the end of the 15 minutes both teams will be asked to leave the field.

- No food or drinks allowed inside the football field.

-In case of violence, the coach has the right to eliminate any player

Behavior subject to elimination:

Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent

Trips or attempts to trip an opponent

Jumps or Charges at an opponent

Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent

Pushes or Tackles an opponent

Holds an opponent

Handles the ball deliberately


Khobar Gravity

3967 Prince Sultan Road

Doha Al Janubiyah




3967 Prince Sultan Road,Dhahran,8019

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